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Boy Scout Troop 600 Fundraising – Sponsorship Opportunities

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Boy Scout Troop 600 is hosting a Big Doe Roundup, and the troop is currently accepting sponsorships for the event. Sponsorship levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Bronze Sponsorships are $25, and will include a social media shout out and the sponsor’s name on the Sponsor Sign, small,  at the event.

The Silver Sponsorship is $50, and will include a newspaper and virtual call out, a social media shout out, and the sponsor’s name on the sponsor sign, small.

The Gold Sponsorship is $100, including a team shirt “line of text call out,” medium-sized name Sponsor Sign, name on small sponsor sign, social media shout out, and newspaper/virtual call out.

Platinum Sponsorships are $250, and include team shirts with a large line of text, large name on the event Sponsor Sign, social media shout out, and newspaper/virtual call out.

The biggest sponsorship opportunity is the Diamond Sponsorship at $500. This includes the sponsor’s logo on the team shirts,  large name and logo on the sponsor sign, social media shoutout, and newspaper/virtual callout.

All donations can be cash, check, or products and services. All proceeds will go to Boy Scout Troop 600.

For more information, contact Howell Clark at (910) 874-2650, or Rogers Clark at (910)876-7901.

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