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  • 8:07 am Lewis and Clark Circus at Lu Mil Vineyard this week
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  • 12:22 am Bulldog Baseball Easter Tournament: Cape Fear 6, West Bladen 5
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Camp Clearwater Campground draws a large crowd for annual festivities in October every year. This year was no different. Folks from near and far dressed up and toured the grounds promising tricks if they didn’t get treats.

The most popular costumes noted appeared from the 2016 movie, “Suicide Squad”. For boys the “Joker” seemed to be a fan favorite and for the girls, red and blue Harley Quinn was the most popular by far.

A couple of people took the trick or treating opportunity to dress as clowns offering free hugs. Many were seen asking the two pranksters to pose for a photo.

After all the goodies were passed out and the sunset, fireworks lit up the nights sky for the campers.