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Candidate speaks out on unethical practices during elections

Sabrina Murchison for County Commissioner

As a candidate, I witnessed the rhetoric and the unethical practices to stand to undermine the integrity of what our electoral system is all about. I would like to shed some light on some of the misbehaviors of some of our elected officials in the hopes that we can foster positive change even in the process of voting.

The reality is that we face opposition from an Association with members that are paid to target our vulnerable disabled and elderly population within our County. The members within the Association request absentee ballots from the disabled voters who are often unable to read, write, or understand the process of voting.

While this same process occurs for elderly voters who often are confined to beds in the home with Dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms unable to speak or function in order to cast their vote. As citizens we should be concerned for our family members and begin the fight against this corruption from Association members targeting this population of registered voters.

We must pull together and work as a team as this Association continues to do every election year for the past 8 to 12 years. We need to reach out to voters who are unaware of the Candidates that really want to make positive change within our County as a whole. It is imperative that we report any unethical practices to our local Board of Elections members.

The Board of Election members are sworn in as nonpartisan employees of the County which demands that they remain neutral throughout the election process. During the elections process, if election board members are found showing favoritism to certain election candidates, one must take responsibility as a registered voter or contact our legislatures to inform them of the practices encountered while voting.

Voters and Candidates should be given a fair opportunity for a just campaign run for any elected office. The ability to engage in a just system of voting that acknowledges that who we vote for as elected officials rightfully earn to be in the position to make decisions within our County for the effecting of positive change within our communities.

Sabrina Murchison, Candidate for Board of Education District 1

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