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Cape Fear Valley-Bladen County Hospital overcomes hurricane damages and celebrates

By Charlotte Smith

Hundreds of people came out to attend the Elizabethtown-White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce lunch to celebrate Cape Fear Valley-Bladen County Hospital’s open house on Tuesday. The hospital was severely damaged during Hurricane Florence, but has made tremendous strides with renovations, according to Bladen Healthcare President Mark Cobb.

The community came out to support the hospital located at 501 South Poplar Street in Elizabethtown. Mrs. Ashley Dowless with Bladen Healthcare and past President of the local chamber orchestrated the event with much success.

“This is wonderful! It provides great medical service and has great leadership and staff. I’m especially proud about how they have improved the facilites inside and outside,” Mr. Dennis Troy one of the hospital foundation board members said.

Elizabethtown Mayor Sylvia Campbell said, “My boys were born here 51 years ago today,” referring to her twin sons. “This hospital is our greatest assest. It’s a vital part of our community,” she added.

The two operating rooms that were destroyed during the storm have been completely remodel. The two operating rooms are now state of the art and are comparable to operating rooms in Duke and Chapel Hill, according to Mr. Cobb.

The hospital has made improvements to the inside and the outside of the hospital. New windows, new signs, lights and the list goes on and on to the improvement Cape Fear Valley has made to the local hospital. Mr. Cobb invited everyone to take a tour of the hospital.

Mr. Cobb ended the event asking the community for support. Many in attendance agreed the hospital not only provides quality care close to home, but they also provide jobs for our community members as well.

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