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Cape Fear Valley Creates COVID-19 Assessment Tool

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FAYETTEVILLE – March 26, 2020 –  Cape Fear Valley Health has created a COVID-19 assessment bot to help initially screen people worried they may be suffering symptoms associated with the novel coronavirus.

Called the “Coronavirus Assessment Tool,” the conversational-style bot is conveniently located on Cape Fear Valley’s website homepage in the upper right region. It quickly and conveniently gauges the user’s risk factors and symptoms to determine the next appropriate step.

The bot does not diagnose or offer treatment plans. It is meant to act as a general guide to help people to determine whether to seek medical guidance.

Cape Fear Valley Health created the bot to help with the overwhelming call volume to CareLINK. The nurse call center has been inundated with calls in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As of today, North Carolina reported its first two coronavirus-related deaths. The county has had eight confirmed cases, according to the Cumberland County Department of Public Health. One of the confirmed cases is being treated at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

To learn more about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website at

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