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The Carolina Bay Area Team experienced an enormous outpouring of generosity from the citizens of Bladen and Columbus Counties during the 2021 Operation Christian Child shoebox collection season. People of goodwill, young and old, gave sacrificially by not only donating innumerable items to fill more than 10,000 shoeboxes with gifts but also by giving of their most precious commodity–their time–to pack and process every one of these boxes. With each box representing the possibility of a soul being saved by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the prayer of every team member, donor, and volunteer that the harvest from this year’s efforts will be great. May God be glorified in all that we seek and do in the name of our Savior, King Jesus!

The totals for the Carolina Bay Area are as follows:
Bladen County:
* 22 church donors
* 1 organization donor
* 3 individual donors
* 5,619 boxes
* 352 cartons
Columbus County:
* 27 church donors
* 1 organization donor
* 7 individual donors
* 3 anonymous donors
* 5,067 shoeboxes
* 311 cartons
* 14 volunteers
* 66 volunteer hours
Carolina Bay totals:
* 10,686 shoeboxes
* 663 cartons

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