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Celebrating Ms. Shelby Patrick and Ms. Berline Graham

A large crowd gathered celebrating Ms. Shelby Patrick and Ms. Berline Graham for their work with the with Bladen County Senior Citizens with the Department on Aging at the Baltimore Community Center in Council. The Retirement Luncheon was organized by the Carvers Creek Citizens Association with Director, Ms. Quessie Peterson.

Mrs. Berline P. Graham served as the Director of the Baltimore Center’s Senior Community Service Employment Program for 15 years. Mrs. Shelby J. Patrick served as Supervisor for 12 years at the Baltimore Center’s Senior Community Service Employment Program. The Baltimore Center’s Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides part-time employment opportunities in community service activities for seniors aged 55 and older. Participants in the program contribute to the well-being of their community while they engage in training activities and develop job skills according to Ms. Peterson.

Over the years dozens of seniors have participated in the SCSEP program at the Baltimore Center, however, Mrs. Graham was the founding member. Mrs. Graham worked at the Center for over 30 years according to those in attendance.

When Mrs. Graham was asked to give a few words, she first thanked the Lord for the day, the opportunity and the crowd.

“First we had to do some things to get the building. Trees were growing in it, and look at it now. It is a blessing to the community,” Mrs. Graham explained about he Community Center where the SCSEP program is housed.

“While you are at yet able to work and make people happy, we need to do it,” she reminded the crowd before she closed giving thanks and love.

Mrs. Shelby J. Patrick spoke as well giving thanks. Mrs. Patrick gave testimony to the work she and Mrs. Graham did together to make SCSEP a success.

“It’s been a pleasure working up here,” Mrs. Patrick said.

Rev. Rachel Mitchell was the emcee of the event. She spoke highly of both honorees.

“I want to be just like Mrs. Graham when I grow up,” Rev. Mitchell said.

Others spoke and gave their kind words to Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Patrick as well.

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