• 11:25 am Video features the devastation left by hurricane, gratitude for funding
  • 9:36 am Bladen County honors Garrtis “Pistol” McLean for dedication to community
  • 9:17 am NC-210 traffic detour due to construction
  • 8:08 am Bladen County High School Athletes Hold North Carolina Records
  • 7:55 am Thoughts While Shaving for May 21

Raleigh, NC – Today NCGOP’s Chairman Hayes called on Governor Cooper to SAY YES to teacher and state worker pay increases and across the board tax cuts.

“Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly have created a strong compromise budget, complete with pay increases, tax cuts, hurricane recovery, and savings. By reducing the state income tax rate and expanding the zero bracket for income taxpayers, this budget is heavy on lower and middle income tax cuts. A three percent overall spending increase is more than reasonable, and is only possible because of smart responsible budgeting from North Carolina Republicans over several years,” said Chairman Robin Hayes.

Twenty-five percent of House Democrats have already supported a budget plan that would have spent less than this House/Senate compromise plan. Governor Cooper said he was for middle class tax relief, hurricane recovery, addiction treatment and recovery, teacher and state worker pay increases, and now he has a chance to prove it.

Hayes added, “In a strong effort to reach across the aisle, Republicans have included much of what Democrats asked for. Once passed, Governor Cooper should sign this bipartisan budget plan at once. Republicans said have said ‘YES’….can he?”