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Civic Organizations learning about Emereau:Bladen

Emereau:Bladen staff spent the week educating and visiting with civic organizations and talking about the charter school and its programs. 

Carla Fisher, the new director of Emereau:Bladen

Carla Fisher, the new director of Emereau:Bladen, addressed the Chamber of Commerce at their lunch meeting on Tuesday. She discussed how Charter Schools are unique.

“One of the differences is that we can present our curriculum in a different manner,” said Fisher. 

She explained the school has chosen to present the State standards to their students but to do it in a different way from the traditional teaching methods utilized by public schools. Fisher explained that Emereau:Bladen utilizes a lot of “hands on” activities for students to take part in. 

“I want us to be a project based school,” said Fisher. 

She explained that the school attempts to mesh the State standards with the curriculum they are using. Fisher explained the students at the school do a lot of exploration type activities. 

Fisher also said, she plans to work with businesses in the community to try to develop partnerships between the school and the business community.  

Emereau:Bladen currently has students enrolled from Kindergarten through 7th grade. 

Mindy Allen, Exceptional Children’s Teacher with Emereau:Bladen

On Wednesday, Mindy Allen, Exceptional Children’s Teacher with Emereau:Bladen, spoke to the Elizabethtown Rotary Club about the exceptional children’s program. She explained how a student is evaluated and a determination is made regarding the types of interventions which may be necessary to help the student.

“When we provide a child in the general education with interventions, that means that we are coming along the general education classroom teacher and we are helping them to take the regular classroom assignment and modify them,” said Allen. 

Allen said when a general classroom teacher notices a student seeming to struggle in the classroom, they will attempt to work with the student to try to identify the problem. She explained when the general classroom teacher comes to the Exceptional Children’s Department for guidance, they are asked what types of modifications they have applied. 

Allen said, once it has been established the general classroom teacher has tried various techniques and lesson modifications and they are not working, the student will meet with the school psychologist. She said the Exceptional Children’s Department will work to develop an education plan and other modifications for lesson plans to help the students. 

Allen said some students are able, with the assistance of lesson modifications, to remain in the general classroom. She added there are some students who are not able to remain in the general classroom and they will remain with the Exceptional Children’s Teacher throughout the school day. 

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