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The Clarkton Farm Fest will host a dance on March 21 featuring “The Pink Slips” at the Clarkton Entertainment Center. The dance will begin at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7:30) and end at midnight. Admission is $20 per person.

The Farm Fest started back last fall after an almost-10-year hiatus. Before then, Clarkton held one of the county’s longest-running festivals. Last fall, the committee held a scaled-down version of its former festival. The dance on March 21 puts the committee one step closer to putting its big annual festival back in place.

“The Farm Fest Committee knows we have to take baby steps to get us back where we used to be,” Committee Chairman Noel Dennis said. “Before our festival disbanded 10 years ago, we had held a festival in Clarkton for over 50 years, as Farmers’ Day and the Tobacco Festival and then Farm Fest. Our goal now is to make another 50-year run.”

Proceeds from the dance will be put back into activities and youth organizations in the Clarkton community.

“We’re a small town,” Dennis continued, “but Farm Fest has always appreciated our farmers and always helped our community grow. That has never stopped.”

“The Pink Slips,” the area’s premier party band, specializes in Carolina beach music, soul, country, and rock. The band is well-known throughout southeastern N.C. for putting on a great show.

To reserve a table at the dance, contact Debbie Heustess at (910) 647-0651. Call before 9:30 p.m. The reserved tables are $25 each and seat eight. Smaller stand-up tables are also available for reservations at $10 each.

A half-and-half cash pot will be sold at the dance, too.

Coolers are allowed, but glass bottles are prohibited.