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Clarkton First Baptist Holds School Prayer Walk

By Mark Miller

On Sunday evening August 18, members of Clarkton First Baptist Church met at the Clarkton School of Discovery to pray for the school year. Principal Stephanie Norris opened the school and welcomed the church and their prayers.

Photos by Joseph Miller

After an opening prayer, church members divided into groups and walked throughout the campus and prayed. They prayed for the principal, administration and staff, teachers, students and their families, bus drivers, coaches, cafeteria and custodial staff, leaders of school organizations and after school programs. The church asked for God’s care and blessing on the school.

Tommy Jackson organized the prayer walk and provided a guide for the ones in
attendance. The guide states: “The safety and welfare of students should not be the sole responsibility of teachers, parents and security personnel. Prayer makes a difference. Since our children spend a large portion of their life on  campus, it makes sense to cover that campus with prayer.”

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