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Clarkton issues notice of missed water test

By Erin Smith

The town of Clarkton has issued a public notice stating the town has not met monitoring requirements for the town’s water system. Clarkton Public Works Director Chris Hall said there are no issues with the town’s water system.

Hall said, due to human error, the water samples for the month of June were not pulled and submitted to the North Carolina Department of Water Quality. The town is required by the state of North Carolina to pull two samples from two of the town’s sites each month to be tested. The town has a total of nine water sample locations and Hall said the town randomly selects the sites for testing each month.

The public notice sent to Clarkton’s water customers reads that testing for the contaminate group “total coliform and disinfectant residual” for the date of June 1, 2018, was not performed. Hall noted on the form that on July 17th samples were taken from all nine of the town’s sites and sent for testing.

Hall said he decided to pull the samples from all nine of the town’s sample sites to reassure the public there are no issues with the town’s water system. He said all nine of the samples sent for  testing had no issues, according to the report received by the town.

The public notice form was signed by Clarkton Mayor Arthur Whedbee on August 17, 2018.

Hall said if anyone has questions regarding their water, they can contact the Public Works Department at 910-647-5961 or the NC Division of Water Quality at 919-707-9100.

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