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By Erin Smith

The security cameras in Clarkton are no longer working and the town wants them repaired or replaced. The cameras have not worked properly since they were struck by lightning about four months ago.

Public Works Director Chris Hall said a representative from the Tyco Company, who was not named during the meeting, came to the town to attempt to repair the camera system. Hall said the technician removed two CPU (computer processing unit) units claiming they were struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm and he was going to take them to be repaired. The CPU units have not been returned to the town and the camera system has been inoperative since then.

“I have called them (Tyco) about it twice a week for the past two months and nobody has returned my calls at all,” said Hall.

Attorney Cliff Hester said he has called the company and spoken with a representative who assured him the company was working to repair the camera system.

“I talked with him and I thought we were going to have some resolution. We’ve got a statute of limitations that will run out in February or March,” said Hester.

“If you write a letter it can be extended,” said Mayor Arthur Whedbee.

“No. It was when the misrepresentation was made and the thing was bid. That was when we contracted with them. I think we probably signed the contract in March. So we’ve got until then to get some conclusion,” said Hester.

Hester added that when he spoke with the company representative, he was under the impression that issue would be resolved and the town would receive better cameras.

“He talked about the expense involved for the company and they spent a lot more money than they intended to, to try to get this thing operating,” said Hester.

He advised the board that if the town needs to bring a claim they can and Hester said it would be misrepresentation.

“I believe they showed you one thing and sold you another,” said Hester.

It was the consensus of the board to have Hester try to contact the company one more time and to have Hester research bringing a lawsuit against Tyco, if necessary.

The town voted in 2017 to install the camera system which was purchased from Tyco in Raleigh at a cost of $150,000. The system, which is supposed to consist of 16 cameras, was to also be monitored at an additional cost of $25,000 per year.



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