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Commissioners recognizes retirements and listens to concerns

Bladen County Board of Commissioners under the newly elected Chairman and Vice Chairman carried out the meeting’s agenda. Retirements, advisory board appointments, safety equipment for the Sheirff’s Office were only a few items to cover.

First on the list was recognizing Sandra R. Cain and J. L. Lennon for their retirements both effective on December 1st, 2017. Both were presented with a plaque for their service to the county.

Sheriff Jim McVicker asked the commissioners to approve funding for 53 helmets with face shields after the incident law enforcement encountered on November 21st, 2017. The total cost for the equipment will be $14,147 according to McVicker.

Commissioner Arthur Bullock asked if there was a grant available to purchase the helmets. McVicker stated there were no grant funds for purchasing helmets.

The Sheriff also requested a fence project at the Bladen County Courthouse that would not cost any extra funding. The board of commissioners tabled both items until the next meeting.

Attorney Cynthia Adams Singletary of Bladen County addressed the commissioners about the Opioid Epidemic.  Singletary explained the issues of the epidemic to the already well informed Board of Commissioners.

Singletary gave testimony about a farmer and a nurse who lost greatly due to opioids. She gave a list of different law firms willing to fight the big drug companies. There are already 46 counties who have signed a resolution and have retained attorneys to file suit against the big Pharm companies.

After her presentation, Singletary asked the Bladen County Board of Commissioners to pursue all civil remedies against those in the chain of distribution of prescription opiates responsible for the opioid epidemic which is plaguing Bladen County.

The commissioners also tabled the issue until the next meeting, but thanked Singletary for her information and asked her to join the next Opioid Epidemic Task Force meeting on January 9th, 2018 at 2 pm at the Bladen County Health Department.

Other Business:

  • Donna Taylor was appointed to the Animal Control Advisory Board. Others on the list for appointments were re-appointed, except for the White Lake Planning and Zoning Board which was tabled.
  • Robin Hewett, Bladen County Computer Operations Director gave an update on the expense of new anti-virus systems needed for the county.
  • Bradley Kinlaw, Bladen County Emergency Management Director gave an update on the opportunity for the Bladen County CDBG-DR Conditional Award Letter. The board approved for the county to apply for the grant.


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