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Commissioners talk budget matters, put quarter-cent sales tax referendum back on ballot

By: Erin Smith
Bladen County Seal with In God We Trust 1The Bladen County Board of Commissioners met on Monday night and voted to approve a resolution to place the quarter-cent sales tax referendum on the ballot in November with the funds to used for EMS for personnel and equipment. There were three no votes cast by Commissioners Delilah Blanks, Michael Cogdell and Arthur Bullock.
In a related matter, the board held a two public hearings.  The first public hearing was to receive public comments regarding the proposed FY 2016-17 budget.
Horace Munn spoke and said that he was attending the meeting to represent the Bladen Improvement PAC.
“I heard that during discussions (at the last meeting) our pact was brought up. EMS should not be a bargaining tool,” said Munn.
He added it has “been brought to my attention that a quarter of a million dollars is being spent for home health.” Munn suggested the county use the funds set aside for home health to fund EMS.
“The pact of Bladen Improvement will not be supporting it,” said Munn of the resolution.
Bladen Community College Board of Trustees Chairman Dennis Troy said that on behalf of the college, he wanted to thank the commissioners for their support. Bladen County Schools Superintendent Robert Taylor also appeared to thank the board for the financing made available this year to the schools.
Also, Perry Blanks, Mayor of East Arcadia appeared before the board during the public hearing to request $50,000 from the county to assist in the construction of a park in the town. Blanks said the park would cost over $1 million.
He said the park would help the residents of Carvers Creek, Kelly and East Arcadia to have better access to recreational oportunities.
Blanks said that he has traveled to Brunswick County so his son could take part in Pop Warner football. He added this program and similar ones could be offered if the park is built.
“Anything you can give us we will appreciate it,” said Blanks.
The second public hearing of the evening was held to receive comments regarding the proposed 2016-17 budget for Economic Development and no one spoke.
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