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Congressman Pittenger: ‘Beyond Me’ How Obama Okay With Providing New Airplanes for Terrorists

WASHINGTON – A little-known provision of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran allows the export of commercial aircraft to Iran.  The sale of 97 airplanes was authorized in September.

Yet in 2011, the Treasury Department sanctioned Iran Air for transporting fighters and war material for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.  Iran’s Mahan Air has also been sanctioned for ferrying fighters and weapons to the devastating conflict in Syria.

On Wednesday, Congressman Robert Pittenger urged his colleagues to support H.R. 5711, which prohibits the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing these transactions.

“As the primary sponsor of terrorism throughout the world, it is imperative that we hold Iran accountable and do all we can to limit their abilities to promote this type of action and behavior,” said Congressman Pittenger (NC-09) during formal House debate.  “This bill confronts the same airline that has been sanctioned by the Treasury Department for transporting fighters and weapons on behalf of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.  It is beyond me how the Administration can be okay with allowing Iran access to airplanes which would only further their support of terrorism.”

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives agreed with Congressman Pittenger, voting 243-174 to pass H.R. 5711 in bipartisan fashion and prohibit the Secretary of the Treasury from authorizing these transactions.

Congressman Pittenger serves as Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare and Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Committee Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing.  Next week, Congressman Pittenger will host a major international forum focused on intercepting terrorism finance activity in Latin America, and will host a major Parliamentary forum on terrorism financing, cyber security, and Intelligence this December at the Library of Congress.

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