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WASHINGTON – Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) issued this statement after attending the inauguration of President Donald Trump:


“Today we celebrated another peaceful transfer of power.  Regrettably, this is not the norm in much of the world.  Right now in Gambia, peacekeeping troops are advancing on the capital to forcibly remove the previous president who will not cede power to Gambia’s democratically elected leader.  Tens of thousands have fled for safety.  We are so blessed to live in these United States.


“Today we celebrated the inauguration of the 45th President in our Constitutional Republic.  Yes, views are starkly different within our nation, yet I believe we will experience a sea change to restore freedom and remove the burden of big government, which has yielded the weakest economic recovery since World War Two.  May we all work, hope, and pray for the best for all Americans, and may God continue to bless our great nation.”


Congressman Pittenger has attended inaugurations since President Reagan’s in 1981, for which he served on the Inauguration Committee.  Despite his well-documented disagreements with President Obama, Congressman Pittenger made a point to attend President Obama’s 2013 inauguration and help constituents receive tickets to that event. 

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