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Rep. Robert Pittenger

CHARLOTTE – Two recently published articles in the Charlotte Observer omitted relevant facts and did not provide readers with a thorough account of Congressman Pittenger’s policy positions.  In response, Congressman Pittenger wrote two separate Letters to the Editor to provide clarification for his constituents.

As the Charlotte Observer Editorial Board never published these letters, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) is now making them publicly available via this press release and social media.

In response to “GOP health plan could be particularly painful in N.C.” (published on the front page, May 18th):

“And now, the rest of the story.  Regular readers will not be surprised to learn recent Charlotte Observer coverage of a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of health care reform left out key facts.  In their own report, Kaiser admits their analysis doesn’t account for changes we made to allow larger tax credits for people over 50 and doesn’t account for flexibility we give states to make insurance more affordable within their markets.  The Observer also failed to mention Kaiser doesn’t account for $38 billion of assistance given to states to help lower costs.  North Carolina and other states are in real danger of having no Obamacare options in the near future.  That’s the real reason North Carolinians are in danger of losing affordable coverage.”

In response to “Pittenger defends Trump, calls his leadership ‘extraordinary’” (published May 23rd):

“The Charlotte Observer article on our Facebook Live town hall omitted relevant stated facts.  Working with Congress, President Trump signed 30 bills into law in his first 100 days, doubling President Obama’s record.  The Kaiser analysis of health care reform is flawed and inaccurate at their own admittance, not accounting for the impact of waivers and additional amendments.  Regarding pre-existing conditions, the House has provided funds totaling $138 billion to cover pre-existing conditions, mental health, and other conditions, which must still be covered by the states.  As well, since only 5 percent of North Carolinians buy insurance on the individual market, referring to the total number of North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions is misleading.  Most receive coverage through employers, Medicare, VA, and other sources.”

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