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Congressman Pittenger talks security, ISIS and economy

By: Erin Smith

With members of Congress set to be sworn in on Tuesday, US Congressman Robert Pittenger sat down with for an interview to look at the upcoming legislative session and the first 100 days of President-Elect Donald Trump’s agenda.

One item that was first and foremost on the agenda was the ever present need for border security and cutting of funding for ISIS which is now present in 35 countries. Congressman Pittenger said ISIS should be a concern to everyone especially with known sleeper cells in every state in the United States.

Congressman Pittenger said it is important to intercept their funding as it impacts their capabilities. Last year, ISIS generated more than $500 million in revenues. Congressman Pittenger said that ISIS needs about $2 to $4 million in funding daily. The funds are needed to provide services for the people under their rule including health care, food and water.

Congressman Pittenger said part of the problem with national security is an open porous border. He said this poses a major security threat as those crossing the border include Europeans and Middle Easterners not just those from Latin America. Border security is not high on the list of the Obama administration, said Congressman Pittenger. 

Congressman Pittenger said that part of President-Elect Trump’s plan for border security calls for constructing a security fence. Some areas are very rough terrain and will be difficult to secure. He said other security measures will be put into place for those areas including the use of technology.

“I think President-Elect Trump laid a pretty aggressive plan to restore this country,” said Congressman Pittenger.

He added that the United States’ economy is struggling and job creation is at its lowest point. Congressman Pittenger blamed high taxes and significant regulations that place necessary burdens on businesses.  He said  that Congress is prepared to adopt measures to lower taxes and roll back the stifling regulations on businesses. Congressman Pittenger said this will encourage businesses to create new jobs and stimulate growth of the economy much like former President Ronald Regan did. 

Congressman Pittenger also said that Congress has plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace with a competitive market place. He also said the new legislation will include a provision that allows children to stay on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26.

He also said that there is the potential for the appointment of at least one and maybe more US Supreme Court Justices. Congressman Pittenger said that President-Elect Trump is committed to appointing conservative members who believe in and support the United States Constitution.

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