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Coronavirus: Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Response to NC Governor Order

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In light of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 121 and the stressful times the Covid 19  pandemic has caused within our community, I share the following information to give my perspective on this order and our response to it.

The Sheriff’s Office will not be setting up checking stations and road blocks to enforce the order. We believe that our citizens will follow the order to the best of their ability to keep their neighbors, family members and loved ones as safe as possible during these stressful times. If we see something that is in violation of the order, we will address it in a calm and professional manner.

Our job is to protect the public and the citizens of Bladen County to the best of our ability under these conditions. We are here to help you in any way we can and keep you as safe as possible. I encourage you to remain positive, look after your loved ones and spend this time with your family. Together we will make it through these trying times.

I realize this order has inconvenienced a lot of people as to their day to day contact with our office. As you are aware, you can access our online pistol permits and concealed carry permits through our website: . We hope that fingerprinting, visitation and other non-essential services can resume in the near future.

If you need to give funds to a loved one at the Bladen County Detention Center, our inmate kiosk will be accessible in the main lobby of the sheriff’s office. We will allow one person at a time to access the kiosk with the proper hand sanitizing and other safety guidelines. You can access the inmate kiosk online at:

We have attached the Governor’s Executive Order 121 and a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may be very helpful in answering any questions that you may have.

The main objective of this order is to limit exposure of you and your family to anyone that may have the virus or be a carrier of the virus. In order to accomplish this, we need to follow the guidelines established by the order in limiting groups to (10) or less, isolating in our homes, travel only when needed, to practice good hygiene by washing our hands and to limit exposure by staying six feet or more away from each other.

The Executive Order 121 answers a lot of the questions you may have about who can travel, what businesses can remain open, what outside activities are permissible and much more. I encourage you to read it. Each and every one of you are in my thoughts and prayers. We are here to help you if you need us. The Sheriff’s Office telephone number is (910) 862-6960.


James A. McVicker

Bladen County Sheriff

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Order 121

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