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By Cara Beth Lewis 

The Bladen County Board of Commissioners will meet tonight at 6:30 pm in the Commissioners’ room, located in the lower level of the Bladen County Courthouse in Elizabethtown. The Commissioners meet on the first and third Monday of each month.

The meeting will begin with an invocation by Pastor Adam Self of Center Road Baptist Church. County Manager Greg Martin will then lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

To begin the meeting, the Commissioners will approve the consent items, as usual.

Consent items include:

  • Proposed Agenda

  • Minutes of October 27, 2021 Special Meeting

  • Minutes of November 1, 2021 Regular Meeting

  • Minutes of November 2, 2021 Recessed Meeting

  • Minutes of November 10, 2021 Special Meeting

  • Budget Amendments through November 22, 2021

  • County Attorney Invoices

  • Tax Releases No. 10-21

  • Emergency Management Performance Grant Program

  • Homeland Security Grant Program

  • Senior Center General Purpose Funding Application

  • Resolution Approving the Conveyance of Personal Property to a Nonprofit Organization

There will be a public hearing to receive comments regarding the forgiveness of a loan to Bladen’s Bloomin’ Agri-Industrial, Inc. to assist in financing a DelTon expansion project.

Bladen County Schools Maintenance Director Rusty Worley will propose the approval of a Capital Outlay Request. He will provide an overview of the request.

Mr. Kyle Randleman and Plant Manager Johnny Eason with Star Communications will provide information regarding Broadband service availability in Bladen County.

Renee Davis, Administrator of the Revenue Department, will propose accepting a bid in the amount of $4,000 for county-owned property located at 607 West Seaboard Street, Bladenboro. Then, Ms. Davis will recognize Mr. Gary Piner to present the Schedule of Values information. Lastly, Ms. Davis will propose scheduling Public Hearing for Monday, December 6, 2021 at 6:30 pm to receive comments regarding 2022 Schedule of Values, Standards, and Rules.

Planning Department Director Greg Elkins will give an update regarding Proposed Amendments to Bladen County Zoning Ordinance.

Dr. Terri Duncan (Bladen County Health Director) will make the following proposals to the board:

  • Consider Approving a 2022 Contract to Participate in a North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health (SLPH)

  • Consider Approving a COVID-19 Community Team Outreach (CCTO) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Consider Approving a Contract with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Central Management and Support-Office of Rural Health

  • Consider Approving Human Services Director Job Description

Lastly, Dr. Duncan will give an update regarding COVID-19.

Emergency Medical Services Director David Howell will give an update regarding Bladenboro Rescue Squad, propose reclassification of an advanced EMT to paramedic position, provide an update regarding a recent request for proposals related to EMS billing services, and propose accepting a proposal from Tarheel Medical Billing.

Director of Emergency Services, Nathan Dowless, will propose adopting a Procurement Resolution regarding Hurricane Matthew CDBG-DR Community Recovery Program.

Lisa Coleman, Finance Officer, will review the Financial Dashboard and Federal Inmate Program information for the four-month period ending October 31, 2021.

Vickie Smith with the Department of Social Services will propose the approval of additional Foster Care Funding.

Bladen County Water District items include:

  • Consider Entering Session as Bladen County Water District Board of Directors

  • Consider Approving a Low Income Household Water Assistance Program Water and Wastewater Vendor Agreement with Bladen County Department of Social Services

  • Consider Exiting Session as Bladen County Water District Board of Directors

Director of the General Services Department, Kip McClary, will provide an overview of a Request for Proposals regarding a gymnasium bathroom addition.  DeVane, Inc. was the lowest responsible bidder.

Advisory Board Appointments for Consideration:

  • Ammon Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • BARTS Advisory Board

  • Bay Tree Lakes Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • Division on Aging Advisory Board

  • East Arcadia Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • Economic Development Commission

  • Health and Human Services Advisory Committee

  • Hickory Grover Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • Kelly Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • Bladen County Library Board

  • Lisbon Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • Personnel Advisory Board

  • Tar Heel Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • Tobermory Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

  • White Oak Fire Department Firefighter’s Relief Fund Board

Greg Martin, Bladen County Manager, will give a calendar review, propose the approval of reclassifying positions for the Economic Development Executive Director and Executive Assistant from full-time to part-time, provide an update regarding 2022 Commissioners Meeting dates, and lastly, he will provide an update regarding potential Federal vaccine mandates.

Finally, individuals will have an opportunity to address the board, then matters of interest, correspondence, and adjournment.

Bladen County Courthouse is located at 106 East Broad Street in Elizabethtown.

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