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COVID-19 Daily Update and Safety Tips Thanksgiving

Bladen County Health and Human Services released the daily COVID-19 Update today, along with information about the importance of contact tracing.

According to the Update, there are two Bladen County residents hospitalized due to COVID-19. The positive cases total 1,213, with 1,098 of those cases presumed to be recovered in the county. View the full report below. Above is the flyer the health department has shared to inform the public about the importance of contract tracing.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Secretary released a news update today as well. In the news update, Dr. Mandy Cohen explains that while the safest thing to do for our loved ones is to limit travel and avoid getting together in person, there are steps you can take if you do plan to celebrate:

  1. Check out the Thanksgiving and Black Friday guidance for ways to celebrate safely;
  2. Consider getting tested for COVID-19 about 3-4 days before you travel. A positive test tells you to stay home and isolate, but a negative test doesn’t give you a free pass. You still need to practice the 3 Ws: Wear, Wait and Wash.
  3. Make sure to get your flu shot
  4. Download the SlowCOVIDNC Exposure Notification App

View Dr. Cohen’s message below:



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