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COVID-19 Related Death Total Rises to 5 in Bladen County

This week the COVID-19 (coronavirus) related deaths total increased to five in Bladen County. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported the recent COVID-19 related death occurred on July 7 and was a female between the ages of 65 and 74.

The NCDHHS reported the other COVID-19 related deaths for Bladen County were on May 5, May 8, June 11, and June 21, 2020. Three of the deaths were of the age 75 years or older, and one death was between 50 and 64 years old, according to NCDHHS.

The deaths and positive case count totals for COVID-19 in Bladen County increased this week, but the total active cases have declined by 23 cases in the county. On July 9, Bladen’s total positive cases were 419 for the total cumulative cases combined. However, the active cases reported in the county total 74 in the county, according to the July 9 report.

In the county, there are a total of 340 total presumed recovered.

Dr. Terri Duncan, Bladen County Health and Human Services Director, echoed the NCDHHS, stating, “As this pandemic continues to evolve, we continually reassess data reporting’s appropriateness to balance transparency, public health, and individual privacy.”

The State of North Carolina had the highest day for COVID-19 related hospitalizations yesterday, according to Dr. Duncan.

In North Carolina, the health department reported a total of 79,349 COVID-19 cases with 1,034 currently hospitalized, 55,318 presumed recovered, and 1,461 deaths for the whole state.

Dr. Ducan added, wearing a mask, keeping hands clean, and practicing social distancing is an individual’s responsibility.

Underlying conditions are a major contributing factor in COVID-19 related hospitalization and deaths, according to Dr. Duncan. She said, “We need to take steps today to focus on underlying issues. If you smoke, quit smoking, exercise more, go for a walk.” Living healthy lifestyles is very important.

According to law enforcement and mental health professionals, the COVID-19 Pandemic has also caused an increase in substance abuse and mental health issues. The Bladen County Health Department published a “Wheel of Wellbeing” yesterday. The graphic shows essential aspects of a person’s wellbeing. The wheel showcases the following areas: learning and development, nutrition, rest and relaxation, relationships, mind and spirituality, and exercise.

Meredith DuBose, a licensed counselor at DreamWorks and Executive Director of Bladen Disaster Recovery Team, recently gave healthy coping skills to help during the Pandemic. View the video below for the tips.

Bladen County Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Ray Britt, said about the Pandemic, “I’m concerned as we listen to our health director and emergency response team’s data. It’s a concern for Bladen County and North Carolina.”

Commissioner Ray Britt

In reference to wearing masks, Commissioner Britt said, “Officials from all over have different opinions on wearing masks. Some are plus and some minus on the wearing masks. We all need to do our best with social distancing and being respectful of others.”

He also mentioned the importance of flattening the curve and its effect on the economy. “We all need to do our best with social distancing and pray because it affects our health and the economy.”

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