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COVID-19 Update and Contact Tracing Implemented on Smart Phones

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September is one month closer to the expected COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccine coming to Bladen County in November. Dr. Teresa (Terri) Duncan, Bladen County Health and Human Services Director, announced in August about the possibility of receiving a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines in November for the at-risk population, such as the elderly and health care workers.

View today’s COVID-19 update below.

The buzz about receiving vaccines for the virus, and the daily reports are not the concerns. Many Bladen residents have noticed a new COVID-19 notification on their phones. The tech companies call the new program a secure and private coronavirus contact tracing implementation or “COVID-19 Exposure Logging”.

The idea and implementation on iOS and Andriod devices come from a partnership between Apple and Google.

There is confusion about precisely what the “logging” means. According to reports, the tech contact tracing uses Bluetooth and random numbers to keep track of phones near each other without revealing any personal identification. When a mobile phone owner tells the system they tested positive with the COVID-19 virus; the tracing software will alert all phones it comes in contact with via Bluetooth capabilities, someone nearby tested positive for the virus. The tracing will only work if the phone users implements the “COVID-19 Exposure Logging” on their phone.

Users of iPhones may find the setting for the COVID-19 Exposure Logging right at the top of the Health screen found under their privacy settings. See the screenshots examples below.

Go to setting: 

Then Privacy:


































The logging will be under your health setting…