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By Cara Beth Lewis

Recently, it seems Bladen County has experienced a relatively steady decline when it comes to active COVID-19 cases. Each day, Bladen County Health and Human Services Agency  gives a report on COVID-19 cases in the county and in the state of North Carolina. Today, they reported 231 active cases in Bladen County.

For reference, here are the numbers for each day this week: 

  • Monday, September 13th: 251 active cases
  • Tuesday, September 14th: 236 active cases 
  • Wednesday, September 15th: 239 active cases
  • Thursday, September 16th: 238 active cases
  • Friday, September 17th: 231 active cases

Although there was a very small jump from Tuesday to Wednesday, there are fewer active cases today than there were at the beginning of the week. 

Bladen County Health and Human Services recommends receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to help fight the virus and protect yourself and those around you. 

For more information, call (910) 872-6291.