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Great American Cleanup – Keep America Beautiful’s signature program – and the nation’s largest community improvement effort – takes place annually from March 1 through May 31. Bladen County takes advantage of its affiliation with Keep America Beautiful to help educate the citizens of Bladen County on the proper way to handle waste in the area.

The Keep Bladen Beautiful (KBB) program is in full operation, however, since the COVID-19 outbreak the program has been limited. Bladen County’s long range vision is to implement an ongoing Comprehensive Waste Management Program. A program that will continue to give direction to collect, recycle, and dispose of solid waste in the most economically and environmentally sound way possible, while influencing positive attitudes toward solid waste management and keeping the county clean and beautiful!

Below is a map of the dumping and/or recycling centers in Bladen County.

Seventeen Convenience/Recycling Centers are in full operation and strategically located throughout the county. They are fenced in, well lighted for night/early morning use, landscaped, and manned by security officers. Operational hours for the Convenience/Recycling Centers are from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. each day except Wednesday and Sunday. All Centers accept yard waste (small limbs, straw, grass clippings and shrubbery). Recycling and reuse items collected at the Centers are passenger and light truck tires, lead acid batteries, white goods (appliances), scrap metals, steel/tin & aluminum cans, plastics (bottles & containers), all colors of glass (bottles & jars), used motor oil, electronics, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, news paper & magazines, oil filters, oyster shells, and triple rinsed pesticide containers. You can reach any center by dialing 910-645-4279.

View the video interview about litter crack down:

The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office announced last week two arrests made on their crack down on illegal dumping. If you have any information or questions about illegal dumping please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (910) 862-6960 or Bladen County Solid Waste Enforcement Officer Kip McClary at 910-876-3490.