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December is “Month of Giving” 

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By Cara Beth Lewis 

In December, we are overwhelmed and overjoyed with the festivities, gift-buying, decorating, planning, and let’s face it… hard work of the Christmas season.  With events every weekend, major sales to take advantage of, the competition of beating your neighbor’s yard decor, and endless other duties and obligations, it is easy to forget the reason for the season and why exactly we are going to all of this “trouble” for one holiday.

In the final month of the year, some celebrate the holy holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah.  By tradition and belief, Christians observe the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ into the world by the virgin Mary in a humble stable. Christians celebrate this glorious day, as Christ is the greatest gift the world has received.

When it comes to Christmas, baby Jesus is known as a gift, but you may also recall that he received gifts, too. Baby Jesus, the Savior of the world, God’s gift to all mankind, received gold, frankincense, and myrrh when he was born.

Over time, Christmas traditions have evolved, but for many, the reason remains the same. The idea of gift-giving at Christmas time has remained all through the years. One major Christmas tradition that exists in many forms all over the world is the gift-giver who wears a red suit and white beard, comes down the chimney, snacks on some cookies, and leaves behind presents for boys and girls. This tradition is — you guessed it — Santa Claus!

The idea of gift-giving is promoted all throughout the Christmas season, and many people volunteer and donate to those in need during this time of year, even more so than the first eleven months of the year. From canned food drives to Toys for Tots and more, volunteering and selfless giving is common during the Christmas season. According to, non-profit organizations raise over half of their funding during the holiday season.


  1. Host a charity event of your own.
    Organize a charity event of your own and donate the amount earned. The event could be a car wash, a dog show, a cooking competition — anything that is fun and likely to attract attention.

  2. Volunteer to teach children the importance of charity.
    Reach out to a school or a daycare center and volunteer to teach children the importance of charity. You will have to create interesting activities for the children so they retain the lessons you teach them.

  3. Donate some clothes and books.
    Spread the word and ask everyone in your area to donate clothes and books that are of no use to them anymore. Collect these items and take them to the nearest charity center.

Whether you give a gift in the form of a “random act of kindness,” as a “just because,” for Christmas, or however else you choose, we hope you enjoy the gift that is giving.

Happy Month of Giving from the BladenOnline team!