• 4:23 pm Commissioners approve Beaver Management Program
  • 11:28 am Bladen County Opioid and Other Substance Use Community Survey
  • 6:41 am West Bladen Volleyball Schedule Changes
  • 6:37 am JV Volleyball: West Bladen 2, Westover 1
  • 6:31 am Volleyball: West Bladen 3, Westover 0

Dan McReady, Democratic candidate for Congressional District 9, will visit Bladen County on Saturday, August 26th.  He will be at the Powell Melvin Agricultural Center at  approximately 1:30 p.m. for a Meet the Candidate appearance.  The public is cordially invited to attend.

Dan McCready is a Marine Corps veteran, business leader, husband, and father of four. A graduate of Charlotte-Mecklenburg public schools and an Eagle Scout, Dan had planned to put his economics degree to work and follow his friends into business after graduation.  After 9/11, he joined the Marines instead and led 65 Marines in the 2007 Iraq surge.  He went on to be honorably discharged as a Captain.

After graduating from Harvard Business School and working at McKinsey & Company, he started a company in Charlotte with another Marine that helped build dozens of solar farms throughout North Carolina and helped put hundreds of North Carolinians to work. Dan played a key role in North Carolina becoming number two in the country for solar energy capacity, and today North Carolina supports over 30,000 clean energy jobs. 

Today Dan feels the American Dream is under threat by Washington politicians who put party before country, special interests before working families, and divisiveness before solutions. Dan believes every family that works hard should be able to build a better life for their children. He’s volunteering to fight once again — this time against a broken Washington for the families of the Ninth District.

Please come and meet Dan McReady to learn more about his plans to help North Carolina as a U.S. Congressman.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. At the Powell Melvin Agricultural Center at 450 Smith Circle Drive in Elizabethtown.