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Destructive fire at White Lake in Camp Clearwater

By Charlotte Smith

Early Wednesday morning there was a destructive fire at White Lake inside the Camp Clearwater campground. Firefighters fought the fire raging in the campers starting around 5 o’clock this morning.

Photos by Gordon Kinlaw, Kinlaw Studios

Gardenview Place is the street inside Camp Clearwater where the fires engulfed two trailers.

Dale Brennan, Chief of White Lake Fire Department explained, this morning we had a lot of high winds at about 5 a.m., but the fires were under control within 30 minutes of the call. The Fire Fighters sprayed white foam after the blaze was distinguished to keep it from having any rekindles.

Brennan said, “It smothers out the oxygen to prevent further fires.”

“I have got 35 awesome volunteers, Brennan said.

He continued, “We had awesome support from our mutual aid. If it were not for volunteers in this county; you could shut the whole county down,” Brennan said.

White Lake Fire Department had mutual aid from Ammon, Bay Tree, Elizabethtown, and Kelly Fire Departments. Also, Brennan said Bladen County EMS and White Lake Police Department were also on the scene.

Two campers were totaled and one was damaged due to the fires this morning.

At this time the cause of the fire is not known.

“It is still under investigation. We will have to go back,” Brennan said. The campers were summer homes and unoccupied. There were no injuries reported.



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