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Don’t forget to spay or neuter your pet

Did you get a new puppy or kitten for Christmas?  That means it is time to schedule your pet for its spay or neuter surgery now!  Remember, a kitten can become pregnant as young as 4 months of age, and a puppy at six months!  Don’t wait!  It costs much more to raise a litter than it does to spay or neuter your pet.

Each year millions of dogs and cats are put to death in shelters because there are not enough homes for them. Yet each year more litters are born. You can stop this cycle!

Low-income families who want to get their pets spayed or neutered at A Shelter Friend’s monthly low-income clinic can call 910-645-2297 for information and sign-up.  Share this number with your friends and neighbors who are producing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.  Don’t Wait.  Stop this cycle… do it now.

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