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Duplin Winery Increases Production With The Addition of New Bottling Line

ROSE HILL, N.C., May 13, 2019 – With the addition of a new bottling line in its Rose Hill, N.C. production facility, Duplin Winery now has the capability to bottle 9,000 bottles of wine per hour. The Winery’s previous bottling line bottled 6,000 bottles an hour.

The new bottling line, built in Italy by GIA, was delivered in February. It’s technology and programming take months to set up and tailor to each bottle, label, and specifications. It was purchased through Prospero Equipment in New York and shipped by boat in three sections. The three sections each provide specific functions in the bottling process. The first is a mono-block machine that rinses the bottles, fills them with CO2, then with wine and vacuum corks the bottle. The second machine applies and heat shrinks the capsules to the bottle. The third part of the machine applies front and back labels to the bottles.

In 2018, Duplin produced 1,200,000 gallons of wine and sold 500,000 cases of wine.

Duplin recently expanded its tank capacity to 1,750,000 gallons. This year, with a larger tank capacity and a new bottling line Duplin expects to surpass last years record.

“We are thrilled about this addition and what it means for our yearly production,” said Dave Fussell, Co-owner of Duplin Winery. “We have been busy updating our production facility, equipment, our Rose Hill, NC winery, and hope to continue to grow.”

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