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D’Vine Foods is progressing to processing

DvineFoodsThe new D’Vine Foods Processing facility, located on Hwy 701/S in Elizabethtown, is moving towards completion. The new building will house 2 large automated kitchens, an outlet store for products produced by Lu Mil and D’Vine Foods, and a small restaurant area which will house Cindy’s Drive Thru. The new facility will be FDA inspected to ensure the quality of their wholesome products. The existing bottling line, kitchens, and bakery are nearly at capacity, so the new larger facility will allow for the expansion of their current operation and services.

D’Vine Foods is a specialty cannery with 4 kitchens currently in operation, each able to produce 100 cases of finished product per day. The new facility will house 2 larger kitchens, each able to produce 500 cases per day of finished product. At present, D’Vine Foods processes and cans/bottles jams, jellies, butters, preserves, pickles, relishes, salsas, chow chow, juices, ciders, dressings, sauces, syrups, and breads.

D’Vine Foods offers value added services for fruit and vegetable farmers and co-pack for other concerns. They will take in your raw produce and using your own recipe and label, they then return your finished products to you, ready to sell. Over 350 products processed and packaged there, go to farm markets, grocery stores, gift shops, wedding favors and gift packs. D’Vine Foods is proud to be an FDA inspected facility.

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