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Senate Page PhotoDylan P. Melvin, a student at East Bladen High School, recently served as a Page for the North Carolina Senate.  He is the son of Michael “Lin” and Jennifer Melvin of Elizabethtown; Dylan was sponsored by Senator Bill Rabon (R). Official appointments are made by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate based on recommendations by individual senators. Pages are introduced to Members and citizens in the Senate at the start of each week during Monday night’s session.

The selection process for this program is highly competitive. Each senator is allotted a number of students he or she can “sponsor” each session. Students submit their application to their senator who selects the individuals to be appointed by the President Pro Tempore.

For decades, the State House has relied on the service of Pages, who help deliver bills and amendments during daily Senate sessions and committee meetings, offer assistance in individual Senators’ offices, and run errands around the Legislature.  Pages spend the week assisting members and their staff and learning about the structure of North Carolina government.