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East Bladen High School

East Bladen High SchoolKANSAS CITY, MO – East Bladen’s girls soccer team was named Wednesday as a recipient of the United Soccer Coaches Silver Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award for completing the 2018 season with a low number of yellow and red cards.
The award recognizes teams that exhibit fair play, sporting behavior and adherence to the laws of the game as reflected by the number of yellow caution cards or red ejection cards they are shown by referees through out the season.

Awards are based on the number of cards accumulated divided by the number of games played (i.e., five cards divided by 20 games played is .25 or 25%, which qualifies for the Silver Award.

Eight girls and one boys’ team nationwide received the Platinum Award that is given for no cards accumulated during the season.

Twenty-three girls teams nationwide received the Gold Award that is given for a percentage of cards per games played of 1-10 per cent.

Sixteen girls teams (including East Bladen) and six boys teams nationwide received the Silver Award that is given for a percentage of cards per games played of 11-30 per cent.

Three boys and two girls teams nationwide received the Bronze Award that reflects a percentage of cards per games played of 31-50 per cent.