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BEULAVILLE, NC – Effective for services provided on or after today, February 1, Eastpointe will provide a 3 percent rate increase for its network providers. This increase will apply to a substantial number of both state- and Medicaid-funded outpatient services.

This rate increase was made despite a $12.8 million reduction in state funding and a 6 percent increase in the number of beneficiaries across Eastpointe’s 11-county service area during its 2017 fiscal year (ended June 30, 2017).

Eastpointe CEO Sarah N. Stroud noted that, “We’re always looking for opportunities to help make the communities we serve stronger and healthier. Though our Medicaid system is in transition and funding is tight, we challenged ourselves to make the right investments to ensure our members continue to receive high-quality care. Our providers are critical to making sure we can do that.”

The rate increase will apply to outpatient treatment services for opioid addiction, which remains at epidemic levels in parts of Eastpointe’s service area. “We’ve redoubled our efforts to stem the tide of this opioid epidemic,” said Eastpointe Chief of External Operations Karen Salacki. “In addition to increasing rates, we’ve donated over 600 Narcan kits across our service area in the past year. We continue to raise awareness to help prevent addiction by hosting community meetings. Helping our providers, who are on the front lines every day, just makes good sense.”

Eastpointe Area Board Chairman J.W. Simmons added, “I’m pleased to help lead an organization like Eastpointe that is dedicated to serving its communities and, despite funding challenges, continues to invest in our most vulnerable citizens.”