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ECA Elementary Science Olympiad Team Returns as Winners

Back Row: Melynda Storms, Max Dilello, Thad Brisson
Front Row: Vera Valentiner and Hutchens Glenn (missing, Easton Bostic)

Elizabethtown Christian Academy students have had an incredible year, winning in every  state or regional competition they have entered. On Saturday, the last ECA team to enter a competition was the elementary Science Olympiad team. Students left early that morning with one goal in mind: Have fun and learn. The team was led by kindergarten teacher, Linda Fassnacht who had never coached a team before this year. That did not deter her from digging in with students who were eager to experiment and try new things. For several months the students have been working hard in order to compete. “The children have been so enthusiastic and engaged,” stated Mrs. Fassnacht. When asked how she felt about leaving with the team on Saturday morning, she replied, “I was nervous, but very excited.”

The students paired off into their respective competitions and had to wait until the afternoon to hear the final results. They, nor Mrs. Fassnacht were disappointed. Vera Valentiner and Melynda Storms won 1st place in Animal Adaptations; Max Dilello and Thad Brisson won 1st place in Rock Star; and Hutchens Glenn and Easton Bostic won 3rd place in 3,2,1 Blast Off. According to Mrs. Fassnacht, “It was a good learning experience for the students, and they are already planning for next year. I am very happy for them and what they accomplished”

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