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Electors meeting to cast ballots for President, Vice-President

Electors are meeting today (Monday, December 19) across the United States to cast their votes for the President and Vice-President of the United States. Today’s voting is not without some debate as some electors have threatened to cast their votes for another candidate rather than President-elect Donald Trump.

The Electors from each state are tasked with submitting certificates of ascertainment and certificates of votes which are then submitted to federal and state officials. All certificates and votes are then submitted to the President of the Senate and other designated and state officials by December 28 and on January 6 Congress meets in a joint session to count the votes, according to the Federal Register.  To learn more about the Electoral College and how it functions, click here.


According to reports, Electors have been bombarded with emails, letters and phone calls urging them not to cast their votes in support of Trump. Under the NC General Statutes, electors must cast their votes for the party’s candidate or face removal from the Electoral College and a $500 fine.

Protests were planned to take place across the United States as Electors meet to cast their votes.

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