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Elizabethtown ABC Store Does Well In Recent Audit

The Elizabethtown ABC Store was opened in March of 1982. The most recent ABC audit shows that the store is performing well. That audit shows the recent yearly income was $1,431,216.00. Of that figure total taxes paid were $323,843.00. Profit shown was $136,239.00 for a percent of 9.52%. $4,728.00 went to law enforcement, $6,620.00 went to alcohol education and $105.000.00 went locally.

Elizabethtown ABC store’s profit compared favorably with some area store with similar population figures. Some of these were: Calabash 8.3%, Dunn 6.67%, Fairmont 1.54%, Maxton 2.78%, Lake Waccamaw 6.62%, Newton Grove 2.73%, Red Springs 1.24%, Roseboro 5.84%, Rowland 0.92%, St. Pauls 6.34%, Shallotte 7.74%, Southport 10.68%, Tabor City 11.84% and Wallace 6.97%.

The Elizabethtown ABC Board is comprised of Charles DeVane, Mark Gillespie, Wayne Edge and Glendell Robinson.

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