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Elizabethtown Council Meeting Tonight at 7 pm 

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By Cara Beth Lewis 

The Elizabethtown Council will hold a regular meeting tonight, Monday, December 6th, at 7 pm. Mayor Sylvia Campbell will call the meeting to order, and Mayor Pro Tem Rufus Lloyd will give the invocation.

Next, the council will adopt and approve the minutes of the previous meeting and the agenda for tonight’s meeting. Next, four oaths of office will take place for Council Members Rich Glenn, Paula Greene, Herman Lewis, and Rufus Lloyd.

According to the agenda, the council will then elect a Mayor Pro Tempore to serve the council. Clerk of Superior Court, Nikki Dennis, will administer the oath of office to Fire Chief Hollis Freeman.

Elizabethtown Manager Dane Rideout will give the council an update.

A proclamation will be made, proposing honoring Public Works Supervisor Keith L. Smith with the naming of a town street, in honor of his retirement. The council is also requested to approve a funeral resolution for the deceased U.S. Air Force Colonel Daniel Alexander (Tony) McFadgen.

There are several administrative matters on the agenda for tonight’s meeting:

  • Council is requested to approve the preliminary engineering report for the Live, Work, and Play EDA Grant Submission.
  • Council is requested to approve the letter of commitment for a $200,000 cash match regarding the Letter of Commitment for the EDA Grant Application for the Live, Work, and Play campus project at Elizabethtown Industrial Park.
  • Set a new date for the January 2022 Town Council meeting. Council is requested to change the date from January 2nd to January 10th, 2022.
  • Set date and location for the town’s 2022 Budget Retreat. Suggested meeting dates are February 15th or 22nd, 2022.
  • Council is requested to approve the extension of the audit contract for FY ending June 30th, 2021.
  • Council is requested to approve the proposal for Precision Safe Sidewalks – Either option 1 or 2.
  • Council is requested to approve the budget amendment.
  • Council is requested to approve the monthly financial report.

Following administrative matters, the council will briefly hear reminders and announcements, before an open forum where the council will hear comments and concerns from the public. Lastly, the meeting will adjourn.

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