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Elizabethtown Middle Public Speaking class gives final speech

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On October 28, thirteen students in Dr. Renee Steele’s Public Speaking 101 choice elective class at Elizabethtown Middle School delivered their final speech in front of very special guests. Each student prepared a speech on a person who has impacted their life in a positive way.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cole, Principal, said “I saw students deliver speeches who once would not look me in the eyes when spoken to in the hallway.”

Cole further explained that students at Elizabethtown Middle School have an opportunity to select a choice elective every seven weeks to take advantage of opportunities to enhance their knowledge in classes such as public speaking, chess, sewing, ceramics, and many more. Cole said that she is grateful that teachers at Elizabethtown Middle are not only teaching in their licensed area but they are exposing our students to different skill sets needed to be competitive in this global economy.

The choice elective time is also set aside to assess our students in math and language arts as well as provide intervention for those needing remediation. Dr. Steele states, over the last seven weeks, students were taught how to write as well as deliver various speeches such as extemporaneous, instructional, persuasive, and motivational. Steele said that she was extremely proud of the students for the growth they have shown over the last couple of months considering most of them   had to overcome their fear of speaking in front of others.