Town Of Elizabethtown
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By Erin Smith

The Elizabethtown Town Council will meet tonight (Monday, Feb. 4, 2019) and is set to conduct a public hearing for a zoning text amendment.

The public hearing to be conducted will be to receive public comments regarding a zoning ordinance text amendment for the addition of automobile sales (new and used) as a permitted use in the C-1 General Commercial District.

Following the public hearing, the Council will decide on the following action items:

*The Council will be asked to decide whether to approve or disapprove the zoning ordinance text amendment.

*The Council will be asked to consider approving a resolution to authorize the Town Manager, Eddie Madden, to enter into private party negotiations with Sedgewickville Protection District for the sale of the 1992 Federal Motors Fire Engine.

*Consider approving the 2018 Unpaid Tax Report and authorization to advertise tax liens.

*Consider approving a bid award for the Elizabeth Street repair project.

*Consider approving Budget Amendment No. 2019-05.

*The Council is asked to consider approving Tax Releases and the Council will receive the monthly financial report.

The Council will also meet in a closed session regarding a real estate matter.

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