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DUBLIN – As Bladen Community College welcomes over 1,150 students to campus this fall, the student population will reflect a changing profile. Because of the Career and College Promise Program (CCPP), the campus will see its greatest influx yet of
high school students who will complete college credits while still in high school.

“We have an excellent collaborative relationship with the public school system,” explained Barry Priest, Vice President for Student Services. “High school students can take transferrable college credits while simultaneously receiving high school course credits.”

Cierra Griffin, College and High School Programs Coordinator, remarked, “This fall, over 20% of our student enrollment will be high school students. With the CCPP, a student can graduate from high school with as much as two years of college credit completed. That means a student will enter a four- year university as a junior, based on the credits earned.”

Additionally, in September, the college will enroll an estimated 120 Career and Technical Education (CTE) students.

“Our fall enrollment for students in continuing education and workforce development training is typically very strong,” comments Sondra Guyton, Vice President for Workforce and Continuing Education. “We are also gaining support to become a Work Ready Community which will allow us to offer nationally accepted certifications in our workforce skills programs. This will be a tremendous career booster for the workforce students.”

Enrollment in Second 8-weeks classes in currently ongoing. “These concise classes allow a student to complete a class in less time than the traditional course structure,” stated Priest.

“Also,” continued Priest, “the flexibility of face-to- face classes, online courses, and hybrid classes that combine teaching structures makes it very convenient to complete a course of study.”

Enrollment for Basic Law Enforcement Training is also currently underway. Students may be eligible for financial assistance and V.A. benefits. Interested candidates should contact Lynn King at 910 879-5520.

For information about the Career and College Promise Program, visit http://www.bladencc.edu/high- school-programs/ .

To learn more about registration for second 8-weeks classes, visit http://www.bladencc.edu/student- services/register/ .

For information about all classes at Bladen Community College, call 910 879-5500 and speak with a counselor, or visit www.bladencc.edu.