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By Cara Beth Lewis

Fall has come, and with fall comes Halloween! As September comes to a close and October begins, it is time to start Halloween costume prepping. If you are having a hard time getting those creative juices flowing – no worries. We can help you out!

History of Halloween (According to History.com):

“Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31, and Halloween 2022 will occur on Monday, October 31. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints. Soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning costumes and eating treats.”

As far as costumes go, people can be very different. While some prefer a store-bought costume, others like to create their own costume using items they already have. Luckily, both of these options are widely accepted in the world of Halloween – as long as you are dressed up and having fun!

Many people plan way in advance for their Halloween attire. They consider their favorite movie characters of the current year, horror movie icons, types of food, punny references, and the list goes on. On the other hand, a large majority is presumably guilty of last-minute costume construction, which sometimes results in questions like, “Who are you supposed to be?”

People Magazine shared 35 of the Best Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas For 2022. Check out BladenOnline’s top picks from that list below:

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in the Barbie movie


Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick


Austin Butler in Elvis
Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson in The Batman


Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley in Bridgerton


The Sanderson Sister in Hocus Pocus 2

Check out the top 25 most popular Halloween costumes of last year here: the-most-popular-halloween-costumes-of-2021

If you are looking to purchase a ready-made costume instead of DIY-ing it, check out Walmart, Amazon, Party City, or Spirit Halloween. If your goal is to create a one-of-a-kind costume on your own, try rummaging through your closet, your friends’ closets, and your local thrift stores to remain budget-friendly.

With so many great characters in new movies and TV shows this year in addition to the characters that we have already known and loved, this year’s Halloween costumes have lots of potential.

I wonder which costume we will see the most this year…

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