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Farms are Vital to the Health of Citizens; Muscadine Grapes May be the Best Kept Secret

By Charlotte Smith

Farms must ensure an abundant food supply for consumers to help nourish the population that is expected to grow up to 10 billion people worldwide by 2050, according to Union Concerned Scientist. The N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services acknowledges the importance of the farming industry and sponsored a learning session with Visit North Carolina Farms at Lu Mil Vineyard in Dublin on Wednesday.

Farms should produce a wide variety of foods important to well-rounded diets and consumers should have better access to those healthy foods.

One way North Carolina plans to assist with the access need is the Visit NC Farms App. The new app connects the dots in communities across North Carolina using cell phone technology, according to their report.

The app allows residents and visitors to find farms closest to them with products and activities that interest them. Visitors can use the app to explore farms, farmers markets and local restaurants that are off the beaten path and unique to each community.

Southeastern NC muscadine grapes was also a topic of discussion and some feel is the best kept secret around. The muscadine grapes are offered at Lu Mil Vineyard. The fruit is considered one of the healthiest according to researchers. Studies show the local grapes contain high amounts of natural antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Some of the research has shown muscadine grapes may assist with heart health, symptoms of Alzheimer’s and menopause, and may help with certain types of arthritis, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, according to Muscadine Naturals.

Muscadine grapes grown in North Carolina’s humid climate with their thick skins; they are extremely high in antioxidants. Whit Jones with Cottle Farms wants to get the word out about the many benefits of the local fruit.

Another local farmer and business owner, Walter McDuffie contributes his good health to his diet which includes a daily amount of the muscadine grapes skins.

Muscadine growers at Lu Mil Vineyard.

McDuffie testified to his reduced pain after taking his muscadine powder for three or four months. Although research is still being conducted on the benefits of the grapes, Dr. William Wagner, President of Muscadine Naturals calls muscadines a super fruit.

Wagner is dedicated to creating products that take the nutrients in the grapes to be used for healthy benefits to people across the world.

Muscadine grapes are farmed and grow in the wild in Bladen County and North Carolina.

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