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Katie Galyean

If you had gone to the Senior Center in Elizabethtown on Tuesday, June 28, you would have been greeted with party lights, red and black decorations and Marvin Gaye singing in the background.

The seniors of the county were all invited to the first annual Senior Prom that took place from 2 pm to 4 pm. About 115 seniors came out and feet were tapping the entire time.

Harold Ford, 85, said, “This was nothing but fun… I thought this wouldn’t be anything but coming out here and sitting down. But the music started and I saw bones start moving that I haven’t seen move in 40 years.”

Ford used to coach at Clarkton High School before he retired. He goes to the senior center in Clarkton. He said, “They got all these folks together from different areas and now we got a prom!”

Barbara Lacewell, 58, was crowned Prom Queen. She said, “It feels amazing! This is so fun!”

Carol Mitchell, the Senior Center Director, said, “This event has been a success, everyone is enjoying themselves. It is beyond what I expected.”