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Bladen County has a great history of superior high school football teams and players. Some of these teams and players were involved in high school records. One of the most interesting records, and one that in some future years might be tied, but never surpassed, is the record set by the 1961 Elizabethtown High team. That year Elizabethtown, with a superior defense, completed a season with 10 consecutive shutouts.

Tar Heel High participated in the highest scoring tie in a regular season game. On October 9, 1998 Tar Heel and Red Springs were tied 44-44 after four quarters. Tar Heel won the game in overtime by the score of 58-56.

Zack Wilson of West Bladen completed 39 passes in a game with Terry Sanford on October 26, 2012. Malcolm Vaught caught 20 of those passes for 357 yards as Terry Sanford defeated West Bladen 44-20.

East Bladen’s Ferrell Murchison ran for 2,491 yards in 2014. He set a career record of 5,700 yards in the years 2012-2014.