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Four County EMC Linemen’s Quick Response, Saves Member’s Home

Four County EMC linemen, Jay Willoughby, Randy Anderson, Gregg Mobley and Brett Noble, just happened to be at the right place, at the right time on the afternoon of March 17. These men came to the aid of Mrs. Barbara Matthews at 178 Corinth Church Road in Rose Hill by putting out a grass fire that had spread under her house.

4CountyThe quick response from these Four County EMC linemen saved a member’s home from a brush fire

The fire had gotten out of control while the family was burning straw and grass, spreading under and actually catching Mrs. Matthews’ home on fire. The Four County EMC linemen happened to be driving by on their way to their job site when they noticed the Matthews family trying to extinguish the fire with a water hose.  The linemen immediately stopped to lend a helping hand. Using fire extinguishers off of their trucks, the linemen put out the fire and waited for the Rose Hill Fire Department to arrive before leaving the scene. While no extensive damage to the home was reported, there was some minor damage underneath the house including some duct work. “If it had not been for their quick actions, her house would have sustained a lot of damage from the fire”, commented Rose Hill Fire Chief Clayton Herring, Jr. 

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