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By Erin Smith

Ready, set, shop! The merchants in downtown Elizabethtown have an array of bargains waiting to greet shoppers this weekend for the annual Fourth of July Sidewalk Sale. The Sidewalk Sale will take place from Friday, June 29th, through Saturday, July 7th. The sidewalk sale is an event that is enjoyed by merchants, visitors and residents alike.

Stores will be offering a variety of bargains from which folks can choose. Summer merchandise as well as new arrivals will be available to choose, which is sure to please everyone on your shopping list.

Mike Suggs, owner of Fisher’s Men’s and Ladies Shop, said shoppers will find plenty of items on sale including swim trunks, shoes, shorts, flip flops and sports wear. He said all items on the sidewalk are reduced from 50 to 90 percent.

Suggs said shoppers will also find bargains inside the store, as well.

“Inside, summer merchandise will be reduced up to 50 percent off,” said Suggs.

He said some fall items have also started to arrive at the store giving shoppers a chance to start building their fall and winter wardrobes.

The staff of Leinwand’s Department store are excited about the sale and they have been busy getting things ready.

Shoppers can choose from a variety of shoes, pants, shirts, suits and shorts on the sidewalk as well as plenty of bargains inside the store.

Ricky Leinwand shared a story earlier this summer regarding the origins of the sidewalk sale. He explained that his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Leinwand, would travel to New York for their annual buying trip. On one such occasion, Ricky Leinwand was working at the store while his parents went on a buying trip. He said he noticed items needed to be sold in order to make room for the new merchandise.

Leinwand said he gathered the items up, set up some tables on the sidewalk and conducted a sale. He said his father returned from the buying trip and asked what the sales figures were while he was away. Ricky Leinwand said he told him and he was pleased, but he said he did not tell his father about the sale. Wallace Leinwand arrived at the store the next morning to find people waiting for the store to open to see what would be on sale that day. Leinwand said while his father was surprised at what he had done, he was also pleased.

Michael Leinwand said customers will find merchandise on the sidewalk that have been reduced from 60 to 90 percent. He added inside the store all merchandise will be reduced 20 to 50 percent with very few exceptions.

Everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy the annual Fourth of July Sidewalk Sale. Don’t forget the annual Fourth of July Fireworks display which is scheduled for Wednesday, July 4th, at 9 p.m. at Goldston’s Beach at White Lake.