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West Bladen High School recently conducted their Transition Day for upcoming freshmen. The Transition Day consisted of two separate programs.

On the morning of March 27, the incoming freshman were transported to West Bladen High School where the first part of the Transition Day program was held from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. They were greeted by the West Bladen Knight’s Dream Team and ROTC Cadets.

The morning session began with the incoming freshman reporting to the gymnasium for some festive events. The West Bladen cheerleaders performed for the guests and the ROTC Cadets presented the flags. The West Bladen Knights band performed the national anthem as well as other Spirit songs for West Bladen Knights.

Principal Peggy Hester, Assistant Principal Ursula Wooten, Media Specialist Sharon Anderson, and Dream Team Coach Gaye Davis, all spoke to the students regarding the orientation process for future Knights.

The school’s Dream Team and ROCT Cadets were introduced and they served as chaperones for the school tour which concluded in the atrium. The atrium of the school was packed with tables and presentations about being a West Bladen Knight. There were tables for groups and clubs, other tables represented Career and Technical education, there were presentations about classes that are required for graduation, and a variety of pamphlets, in reference to different organizations that are represented by the students of West Bladen High School.

After the atrium presentations concluded, the future freshman returned to the gymnasium where there was a raffle and lots of prizes were given away. Irene Shipman, Chelsea Krieger and Patricia Beasley conducted the drawings and then students were dismissed to return to their schools for the remainder of the school day.

The second part of the Transition Day took place from 3:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. and was a floating event for parents and students to return to West Bladen for questions and answers about the registration process as well as learning about graduation requirements and what courses freshmen students can take.

The parents and students attending the second part of the Transition Day program were greeted by both counselor, Irene Shipman and Patricia Beasley. They were given a packet which included graduation requirements, ninth grade course offerings, Career and Technical education pathways, Bladen County attendance policy, and a typical 9th grade schedule. The counselors were able to discuss the packet information with the parents / students. They took individual questions about high school and all the of the requirements high school seniors must meet before they are allowed to graduate.

The parent-student portion of the Transition Day consisted of four sections for parents and students. Three of the sections consisted of videos to inform students and parents about the specific 28 credits that are needed for graduation in North Carolina.

*Session 1 provided information about graduation requirements needed.

*Session 2 provided information about Pathways for graduation including Career and Technical Education as well as other programs such as Art, band, and ROTC.

*Session 3 was a presentation about freshmen and the specific courses that all freshmen need to take towards their graduation requirements.

After the parents and students completed the three sessions that were ongoing on various laptop stations around the atrium, they went to a session which provided information on organizations, clubs, graduation requirements, projects, science innovation, and more. Parents and students were allowed to interact with the school representatives for the various departments. Bladen Community College representative Cierra Griffin was in attendance to discuss the Career and College Promise program that is offered to West Bladen students through Bladen Community College.

In talking with parents, teachers, students and other distinguished guests, it was stated that everyone enjoyed the presentations and are looking forward to doing their parts as future West Bladen Knights, according to Counselor Patricia Beasley.

The West Bladen High School staff was very well represented by the numerous tables, presentations, pamphlets, brochure handouts, and hands on activities. The incoming freshmen seem to be excited about the offerings that they saw and became more aware of during that evening.

Counselor Patricia Beasley would like to thank everyone for taking part in such a wonderful event. “It takes a great team to host such a nominal event. The staff of West Bladen High School are awesome,” said Beasley.

West Bladen High School feeder schools are Tar Heel Middle School, Bladenboro Middle School, and Clarkton School of Discovery.