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If you have not visited Vineyard Golf lately please make a point to get by there as soon as possible. The course has been fertilized and the rains have brought to a beautiful green color.

A group of over 70 senior golfers from Fayetteville played Wednesday, June 1, and had nothing but praises for the course.

Comments such as “absolutely perfect condition”, “never seen a better conditioned golf course than Vineyard”, “will certainly be back as soon as possible”.

Dr. Warren Baker recently shot a 76 with an eagle 2 on the sixth hole.

A tossup was held Wednesday. A tie occurred between the team of Steve Godwin, Norgie Hester, Lloyd Hester and Stacy Owen and the team of Mac Porter, Charles DeVane, David Cross, Ann Tessnear and Henry Warwick.

Don’t forget the Thursday Thundering Herd and the Bladen County Law Enforcement Tournament to be held Saturday, June 4. Call the pro shop at 910-247-6132 for details.

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